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Welcome to Tuebrook Models. My name is John Nowell a model maker offering a variety of professional model construction services. After a lifetime of model making as a hobby, I am now offering my experience to construct high quality models to anyone who wants them.

You are welcome to request a quotation for the construction of a specific model. I can construct a wide range of models, in a variety of scales, painted and finished to your exact requirements. Construction of your chosen model will typically start with a commercially available kit. I can work with kits made from plastic, resin, white metal, etched brass (or other metals), or a mixture of some or all of these. I can simply construct it to a high standard, as intended by the manufacturer, or I can modify it some way, for example by fitting third-party accessories to add or improve detail, or even by combining parts from different kits to produce a model of something that is not available as a standard kit. I will also paint and finish your model in the colour scheme of your choice.

The models I produce are primarily intended to run on a suitable railway layout. They are often fragile and will not stand rough play without damage: they are not toys. Where you want something a bit different, or a model of a specific object, but are unable to supply me with the necessary detailed information, I can also help with the research for your model, from searching for suitable books or other publications through to visiting museums or other locations to take photographs, notes and/or measurements; please contact for details, or specify your requirements when requesting a quotation.

Most of my modelling has been in 4mm scale on 16.5mm track however I have built P4 stock and some N gauge kits. For locomotives I am happy to use either Markits or Alan Gibson driving wheels. At the present moment I like using High level Gear boxes with Mashima Motors however it will interesting to see what replaces Mashina Motors.

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Contact : John Nowell Phone 0151 259 5957

Write : 28 Victoria Road, Tuebrook, Liverpool L13 8AW

Below are examples of my work

9F 2-10-0 76xxx schools

Dapol 9F with Comet Chassis and Valve Gear

Dapol 76114 with Comet Valve Gear

Dapol Schools 919 Harrow with possibly a Craftsman Chassis

city city turo ciyt1

K's J40 note was midland kit repainted in
LNER livery to represent a M&NGN loco
absorbed in to LNER Stock 1936

GEM J83 & K's J71 note J71 is J72 body kit
with 18mm wheels instead of 16mm as the two classes were very similar

K's J50 Bodyline kit & BEC J52 both fitted
with scale chassis kits to replace Hornby Dublo
and Triang chassis

J71Slaters 2 Slaters

J71 and Wagons note modified Dapol/Airfix cattle wagons to GWR versions

Dapol City Of Turo motorised unknown chassis
kit adapted to suit

Wagons Slaters NE Brake Van, 20 Hopper wagon, Midland covered van and LNER container wagon

O4 LNER Coaches LNER Coache

K's O4 2-8-0

Ian Kirk Coaches 51' simi corridor composite
and suburban 1st

Ian Kirk Coaches 51' suburban 1st

Pannier Triang Brake Triang Comp

K's GWR Pannier Tank 8750

Triang Brake re-painted Coach Maroon

Triang Coach re-painted Blood & Custard

N5 Clerestory Wrenn

Millholme LNER N5

Triang Clerestory Coach Teak Finish

Wrenn 2-6-4 Tank Romford wheels and Comet valve gear

Black 5 Battle Of Britian Y7Y8

K's Black 5 Comet chassis and valve gear

Dapol Battle Of Britian Lord Dowding 34052

LNER Y7 & Y8 Locos

LNER F8 Pug J27

LNER F8 modified stepthen Poole kit

Dapol Pug

LNER J27 nu-cast kit

J25 J25 J3

LNER J25 nu-cast kit

LNER J25 nu-cast kit

LNER J3 K's kit with unknown make of GN tender

Q6 A3 A3

LNER Q6 nu-cast kit

Triang LNER A3 superdetailed BR Green 60100 Spearmint

Triang LNER A3 superdetailed BR Green 60100 Spearmint


My N gauge Layout 4ft x 2ft 6 Inches

To pay for finished Items or services please use the donate button below

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